Company Description:
Duncan-Williams, Inc is a FINRA-regulated wholly owned subsidiary of SouthState Bank. SouthState Bank is a publicly traded (Nasdaq symbol “SSB”), $46B+ asset bank headquartered in Winter Haven, FL. SSB is the 8th largest headquartered bank in the Southeast United States.

SouthState Duncan’s TBA Trading desk’s objective is to develop long term market relationships with Capital Markets desks involved in hedging and trading mortgage interest rate exposure. Specifically, the TBA desk is positioned as a capital markets bridge to market participants seeking TBA/MBS and Spec Pool trading liquidity. The business line’s directive is to grow in partnership with our clients as we help navigate the capital markets by providing liquidity in a stable, fair and predictable fashion.

Services Offered:
TBA liquidity, Specified Pool trading and Whole Loan trading (GN EBO, scratch and dent).

Client’s Minimum Net Worth requirements:
No minimum requirement. Each client review is both unique and differentiated based on the specific client profile. We don’t apply generic parameters to all but rather treat each client as individuals as we work through the new client review and boarding processes.

Client’s Minimum Assets Under Management:
No minimum.