Company Description
E D & F Man Capital Markets Inc. (“ED&F Man”), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of  E D & F Man Holdings Limited, is a global financial brokerage and trading business. As one of the world’s leading brokers whose parent company has over 230 years of history, ED&F Man’s TBA desk has an experienced team of TBA trading experts with market-leading brokerage technology solutions to service our clients’ needs.  We focus on integrity, client care, careful risk management and high standards of regulatory compliance.

Services Offered
ED&F Man’s TBA trading desk offers credit facilities and execution services for TBA liquidity to a large base of residential mortgage originators. ED&F Man’s team of RMBS experts, with more than 100 years of combined MBS markets experience, transact directly with originator counter-parties and their hedge advisors. 

ED&F Man’s market knowledge depth and longstanding Street relationships affords us wide access to liquidity across the spectrum of TBA and Spec Pool products. Interest rate hedging strategies are also available through the ED&F group of companies by utilizing access to the futures and options markets.

Client Requirements

Every potential counter-party relationship is examined on its individual merits. When evaluating new counter-parties, ED&F Man considers many factors including each counter-party’s financial condition, management philosophy and organizational structure.

ED&F Man’s MBSCC membership allows maximum access to liquidity providers and mitigates counter-party risk, as the MBSCC is counter-party to each side of the transaction. Overall, clients can expect high touch, friendly service that allows relationships to improve over time.