Agile CTO, Phil Rasori, Publishes Forbes Article on Mortgage Points and Home Affordability

Agile Chief Technology Officer, Phil Rasori, shared his thoughts in a Forbes article about whether potential homeowners should consider purchasing mortgage points to lower the amount of interest during the duration of their loan – a potentially appealing option during today’s high-interest, volatile market.

“While it may seem tempting to buy down the rate in a high-interest environment, any decision to buy mortgage points needs to factor in a calculation of how long they expect to own their house,” writes Rasori. He highlighted the following additional factors borrowers should remember when considering purchasing mortgage points:

  • Buying down your rate with points can be a factor in how much home you can afford.
  • You should be aware that points can be charged before you begin shopping.
  • Any points you pay down will have a direct impact on your closing costs.

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