About Us

Our Mission

We believe that a transparent market is a better market, for all industry participants. This is why we’ve created a revolutionary electronic MBS platform that brings together mortgage lenders and broker-dealers of all sizes.

Because every counterparty deserves access to a fair, efficient and transparent marketplace.

The Agile Story

  • 2018

    Agile CTO, Phil Rasori, and the MCT team identified the need for digitization in TBA trading and begin development

  • 2019

    Trade Auction Manager (TAM)™ introduced with over 200 Lenders and 8 Broker/Dealers, receiving a warm reception

  • 2020

    Agile registered as a broker-dealer with SEC; FINRA membership

  • 2021

    Agile officially launched TBA RFQ and MBS Pool Bidding

Agile Essentials

  • Agile is a FinTech company that focuses on efficiency and liquidity in the MBS market.
  • Agile is SEC-registered and a FINRA member.
  • Agile exclusively focuses on technology; no TBA trading lines and no proprietary trading.
  • Agile’s flagship product, TAM, was developed to address time-intensive client pain points associated with residential mortgage pipeline hedging.
  • Agile digitizes and democratizes TBA trading for the residential mortgage lending industry, replacing the phone and providing access and price transparency to all lenders.
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Meet our Team

Curtis Richins
Curtis Richins is a respected banking executive experienced in international finance, marketing, risk management, and business operations.
Philip Rasori
Philip Rasori is a recognized thought-leader in capital markets operations within the mortgage banking community.
Greg Vacura
Mr. Vacura is a thirty-year mortgage industry veteran who managed all aspects of correspondent mortgage pricing including the mandatory trade desk, best efforts lock desk, and revenue analytics.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson is an experienced public and private sector manager with expertise in regulatory compliance, organizational development, project management, data systems management, professional development, and public policy analysis.
John Cullinane
John Cullinane works closely with broker-dealers throughout the FINRA membership process and provides continued assistance to their internal compliance programs.
Janice Parise
Janice Parise specializes in the highly regulated broker-dealer environment, having strong knowledge of the SEC net capital and books & records rules and reporting requirements.
Tawab Abawi
Senior Director, Institutional and Lender Sales
Tawab Abawi is a results driven financial professional with over 15 years in the mortgage industry both on the buy and sell side.
Andrew Rhodes
Director of Technology
Prior to joining the Agile team as Director of Technology, Andrew Rhodes gained years of experience as a dedicated loan sale specialist.
Ian Miller
Ian Miller is a seasoned marketing executive with a track record of bringing innovative technologies to market in the mortgage finance industry.
Lorene Good
Lorene Good is an Accounting and Finance professional with more than 20 years of experience, working with both publicly traded and privately owned businesses in a variety of industries.
Chad Campora
Senior Director, Head of Human Resources
As Head of HR, Chad is passionate about creating a company culture that is engaging, fun and rewarding for employees.
Sam Farmer Headshot
Sam Farmer
Manager of Trading Strategies & Client Support
Sam Farmer serves as the Manager of Trading Strategies & Client Support at Agile, a role that underscores his deep expertise in the financial sector and commitment to client success.