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How (and How Much) Agile Helps Mortgage Originators Save on Hedging Costs

Are you looking for areas to save on loan pipeline hedge costs? Agile’s whitepaper, How (and How Much) Agile Helps Mortgage Originators Save on Hedging Costs, discusses several ways that mortgage bankers may pick up basis points in gain on sale*, all while saving time and reducing errors.

According to the latest Agile TBA Execution Data Study and client interviews, lenders who use platforms which limit competition to only 4 dealers miss out on improvement in execution. With Agile, lenders can expect to save 3 basis points on average. Download the whitepaper to learn how Agile’s request for quote (RFQ) platform is helping users improve execution.

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Whitepaper Topics Include:

  • Using Technology to Improve Execution
  • More Brokers = Better Prices*
  • How Agile Improves Workflow
  • Practical Recommendations for Improving the Profitability of Your TBA Trading

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How Agile Improves Workflow

Agile’s browser-based platform is easily accessible and works with any hedge advisor, so self-hedgers or clients of hedge advisory firms are able to integrate Agile smoothly into their existing workflow. Lenders can select which brokers see a trade request and have the flexibility to choose the broker that is not the best execution, which may be a favorable option when considering things like counterparty exposure and margin management. Agile provides lenders with a position summary and P&L for individual broker-dealers. 
Agile has a suite of read-only reports which make it easy for other departments like finance and accounting to confirm trades and review the day’s activity. I remember having issues with the missing confirmation problem between accounting, capital markets, and the broker-dealer. It was inevitable that the missing trade was the one that was most in the money, and I was not sure of my exact exposure.  

About the Whitepaper Writer:

Brent Nyitray, CFA 

Brent is a mortgage capital markets professional, writer, and fundamental equity analyst who specializes in: Secondary Marketing, Mortgage Pipeline Management,  Data Analysis, Financial Modeling, Financial Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Mortgage Capital Markets, Risk Management, Mortgage REIT analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Homebuilder Analysis, Blogger, Economist, Mortgage Origination operations, Lean Operations, MSR analysis, Ginnie Mae Securitization, Distressed Residential Whole Loan Analysis, Event-Driven Analysis, Risk Arbitrage Analysis, Deep Value Investing 

^According to client testimonials found on pages 4 and 8 of the Agile TBA Execution Data Study
*Past results do not guarantee future performance.