2023 at Agile: Year in Review

A Letter from Greg Vacura, President

Dear clients and colleagues,

As we wind down the calendar year, there is much to be grateful for at Agile. We’re thankful for the growing community of lenders and dealers whose support and ideas empower us to improve our electronic platform. 

In 2023, Agile improved functionality to make the bidding experience better for all participants, invested in new resources, and welcomed new dealers on to the platform.

Expanded Platform Capabilities

  • Enhanced Timer: Elimination of the global timer and development of the three-legged timer to improve productivity.
  • Indicative Pricing Requests: Supporting price visibility in illiquid markets and coupons, while eliminating phantom trade requests, which allows dealers to identify actual bid requests.
  • Chat Functionality: Ability to have real-time dialogue between dealer and lender. 
  • Outer Month Liquidity: Lenders can request outer month trades which provides new tools for hedging and increased volume opportunities for dealers.
  • Transparency on Ties: Dealers are able to see wins on ties versus only seeing color on losing bids. 
  • Technology Infrastructure: Improvements to technology development processes, testing and launch procedures, and tracking of new feature requests.

“You know, in the day-to-day business, it's a whole lot easier just to execute trades online.” - Phillip Kukafka, Chief Capital Markets Officer, Towne Mortgage

Featured Agile Team Members

In 2023, Agile was focused on key hiring strategies to support the development of the platform, to improve trading efficiencies, and to increase the volume of activity. Get to know three such team members available to all Agile users:


Mr. Vacura is a thirty-year mortgage industry veteran who has managed all aspects of correspondent mortgage pricing including the mandatory trade desk, best efforts lock desk, and revenue analytics.

Senior Director, Institutional and Lender Sales

Tawab Abawi is a results-driven financial professional with over 15 years in the mortgage industry both on the buy and sell side. 

Manager of Trading Strategies & Client Support

Sam Farmer serves as the Manager of Trading Strategies and Client Support at Agile, a role that underscores his deep expertise in the financial sector and commitment to client success.

The Growing Broker-Dealer Community at Agile

Agile’s community of dealers provide crucial liquidity and services to the mortgage lender community, and make valuable contributions to the improvement of Agile’s platform through their ideas and feedback. We’re proud to welcome a number of new dealers onto the platform in 2023 and are grateful to those dealers who have been with us since the beginning. 

4 new dealers in 2023

20 total dealers on Agile

THANK YOU for making 2023 Agile's best year yet!