Agile President Greg Vacura Named 2024 Industry Titan by NMP Magazine

PHILADELPHIA, PA, January 17, 2024 – Agile, a groundbreaking fintech bringing mortgage lenders and broker-dealers onto a single electronic platform, is excited to announce that Greg Vacura, President of Agile Trading Technologies, was named to National Mortgage Professional Magazine’s Industry Titans list for 2024. NMP recognized key players who have dedicated their expertise and years of experience to the mortgage business, and represent the industry with professionalism and pride.

“I feel deeply honored to be selected as the recipient of the Industry Titan award,” conveyed Mr. Vacura. “My journey to this point has been marked by hard work and the invaluable support of those in my past who have contributed to my success. I firmly believe that success is a collective journey, and as President of Agile Trading Technologies, I aspire to uphold this philosophy by making the MBS market better for all participants.”

Mr. Vacura prides himself on prioritizing and developing his teams, fostering trust, loyalty, and collaboration. In his new role as Agile’s President, he is working to fulfill Agile’s mission to create a better mortgage-backed securities (MBS) market by increasing liquidity and automation in TBAs, MBS pools, and AOTs. Agile replaces legacy phone and email processes with an electronic platform designed to make the mortgage asset class operate more efficiently and help market participants thrive.

Ask his advice for those struggling in this market, and Greg says, “The great times don’t last forever (even though we did have a very long run of low rates), and the tough times will ease. In the middle of all of that, continue to innovate, serve your internal and external customers well, and invest in growth for yourself and, if applicable, growth for your organization.”

Mr. Vacura has been a proven pioneer throughout his career, changing the mortgage industry through groundbreaking innovations like the PerformanceWorks seller grading program, bid tape AOT loan sale deliveries, and a patented AI machine-learning loan-level bid automation system. He’s now been tasked with applying that deep industry expertise toward achieving Agile’s mission.

Industry Titan is an annual accolade that pays tribute to industry titans in mortgage banking through National Mortgage Professional Magazine. Contact Agile to get in touch with Mr. Vacura.

About Agile

The industry’s first MBS fintech, Agile brings together lenders and dealers of all sizes onto a single platform. Agile facilitates the exchange of TBA MBS by securing and automating communication between mortgage lenders and broker-dealers. Agile digitizes the historically phone-based process to an electronic platform which may improve profitability and efficiency, while reducing administrative errors. Through its competitive TBA RFQ digital platform, mortgage lenders gain access to national and regional broker-dealers previously inaccessible on digital platforms, while broker-dealers gain access to an ever-growing network of lenders. Based in Philadelphia, Agile Trading Technologies supports a national network of clients with a team of capital markets professionals who have deep trading experience at financial organizations of every size.

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